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Monday, 28th October 2002
As you may have read over at EmuTalk, Dreamemu was to be released in a few weeks as a "Public Alpha". I am releasing it today, so hop over to the Dreamemu Forum and try it out. I'm not releasing it on the main page because it's not really an official release. Hopefully I will be regularly releasing test versions as bugs and compatibility reports are submitted and as I develop it. Unfortunately however, I have not worked on Dreamemu at all since the last update because of time constraints so it still doesn't do much. Also, I'm not sure how much time I will have in the near future to work on it, so the releases may not be as often as I had hoped. I have also coded a compatibility script which will enable you to upload your own compatibility reports. To access this, go to the Compatibility section. Your reports will not be added immediately as I will have to check if they are valid reports and not just some crap. Also, do not upload compatibility reports of commercial games, as none work and this is pointless. Any bugs found in Dreamemu can be reported to Plugin suggestions, bugs etc. go to: Remove the ZZX from the start of each address (its there for spam reasons). That's pretty much it, make sure to read the forum for more information.

Sunday, 29th September 2002
This is about 3 years too late, but I have eventually gotten a Katana Development Kit demo (KMNEFERT) to work in Dreamemu. Its still not 100% correct, but just the texturing needs to be done really. I have been working on Dreamemu only on and off for the past while and that's the reason why progress has been slow. I was just playing around today when I said, what the hell, I'll raise a few exceptions randomly and see what happens, because doing it properly seemed to have no effect. Then I noticed that the PowerVR DMA data being sent then resembled correct ta list data - and then I seen a white face flashing up! Amazing! It is still a bit slow as my DMA uses slow memory routines at the moment, but should be speeded up pretty easily. I'll leave you with a screenshot and hopefully now I'll have the motivation to keep working on Dreamemu this time! Note: A lot of the old screenshots may appear to be down - this is because I am in the middle of "porting" the page to php.

Kamui - Nefertity
Kamui - Nefertity

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